Golden Avatar Trust was founded on the tenet that a community which values education can change its course for the better.

They aim to empower students not just for work or further study, but to face the challenges of life. They believe this can be achieved by providing a complete education incorporating arts, music and dance in a nurturing and family-like environment. Golden Avatar believes a pedagogic approach to learning will foster student confidence and self-realisation and support the community by establishing sustainable future practices.

In the overcrowded public schools of West Bengal, student-teacher time is minimal and it is normal practice for a student to receive the majority of their instruction through private tuition. This is a major problem for the rural village of Nabadwip, as local families can by no means afford to attend public schools, let alone pay for private tuition.

This is where Golden Avatar makes the biggest difference. Apart from providing all costs for a student’s government schooling including uniforms, books, stationery and school fees, the Education Initiative also functions as private tuition. They have a team of experienced teachers volunteering to ensure that the government school syllabus is thoroughly covered, while introducing important cultural and traditional activities such as arts, music and dance. They even feed the kids!


It all started when…

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